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LPDC FORMS - Staff Use Only

These LPDC forms are used throughout the school district by the staff.  Simply click on the desired form.  It will display in Adobe Acrobat Reader.   Print the form, fill in the appropriate information, and send it to the LPDC Chair.  Be sure you print the entire form.  Remember – nothing counts until you receive a copy of  IPDP form signed by the committee chair as having been approved by the committee.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to get to the LPDC Committee a copy of the Individual Professional Development Plan and a copy of your new license.   No hours will count toward renewal of the next license unless the IPDP form has been signed and a copy of your new license is on file.  You will receive a copy of the signed IPDP to place in for your own records. 

It is the responsibility of each staff member to keep a record of all the hours/credits that are to be counted toward the next renewal.  We suggest a notebook with your license, LPDC approval form, and all hours/credits earned.  At renewal time you must present the original documents, an official transcript if college credits, along with a copy of each to the LPDC.  The copies will be kept in your file.

Everyone is now on a 5-year license cycle.  There are no more 4-year nor 8-year certificates being issued. 

Permanent certified staff members are not required to work with the LPDC, but are required to have the BCI and FBI checks every five years.

Entry year teachers do not work with the LPDC until they receive their first license.

In January of the year of your renewal, you will receive a packet from the Personnel Office with the required forms for renewal.  Along with the packet will be a letter with the renewal meeting dates and a reminder of the materials that you need to bring to the meeting. 

Any questions: Email Adam Gillespie - AGillespie@findlaycityschools.org

LPCD forms are available in pdf file format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link to install it.

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February 21, 2017