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Strategic Plan

"Instill Knowledge, Skills and Virtues"

lSuperintendent’s Message

Over the past year, nearly 200 people: staff, students and community members spent countless hours working on a bold new vision for Findlay City Schools. Through this comprehensive process, they evaluated the existing internal and external academic, financial and trust environments. The new strategic plan focuses on these areas and provides strategies to address academic, financial and trust issues.

I personally thank everyone who took the time to be actively involved in this important endeavor; the rewards will be commensurate with our commitment to the plan. If we accomplish the actions outlined in our plan, Findlay students will be positioned for success!

Edward Kurt



Mission Statement

The mission of the Findlay City Schools, a community partnership committed to educational excellence, is to instill in each student the knowledge, skills and virtues necessary to be lifelong learners who recognize their unique talents and purpose and use them in pursuit of their dreams and for service to a global society.

This is accomplished through a passion for knowledge, discovery and vision shared by students, families, staff and community.



No later than 2010, all students will achieve a proficient or higher rating in all areas assessed by the State of Ohio.

Annually, each student will set and achieve personally challenging educational goals related to his or her unique talents, purpose and dreams.l

lAcademic Goal

Strategy 1: We will continually align our curriculum with state standards and effectively utilize data and best instructional practices to help every student achieve a proficient or higher rating on all State of Ohio assessments.

  • Complete curricular alignment to the assessed Ohio State benchmarks and grade level indicators;
  • Create district-wide common assessments for K-12 that are aligned to the assessed Ohio standards, benchmarks and grade level indicators;
  • Complete alignment, mapping and assessments for 11th and 12th grade courses and standards;
  • Utilize data collection, analysis, and application of findings to increase student achievement;
  • Implement district-wide hierarchy of interventions for students who are performing below grade level standards fro students at all grade levels;
  • Implement increased flexibility of service for students who are performing below expected grade level standards;
  • Build effective professional learning communities within the district to use data and to implement best instructional practices.

lFinancial Goal

Strategy 2: We will develop and implement plans to ensure sufficient funding for current and future operations, programs and facilities.

  • Establish appropriate public/private partnerships for school funding;
  • Communicate financial operations of the Findlay City School District to the community through multiple media resources;
  • Find alternative ways to deliver educational programs to generate additional funding.
Communications/Trust Goal

Strategy 3: We will nurture and foster trusting relationships among all members of the school community partnership in order to improve the communication, understanding, and commitment necessary to achieve the mission and objectives.

  • Continually analyze conditions, concerns and attitudes that compromise trust within the Findlay City School District;
  • Facilitate open and honest two-way communication among school and community groups using a variety of technologies and techniques;
  • Initiate processes and in-service training designed to enhance mutual respect among students, parents, staff and the entire community;
  • Improve the quality of customer service in Findlay City Schools;
  • Create opportunities in each building for all staff to have input, to participate in shared decision making and to gain a sense of ownership.

lAcademic/Goal Setting Goal

Strategy 4: We will design a system to assist students in setting, achieving and assessing personally challenging educational goals related to their unique talents, purpose and dreams.

  • Implement staff development opportunities for student-centered goal setting for staff at all grade levels;
  • Design a system to assist students in achieving their personally challenging educational goals;
  • Implement a district-wide system for monitoring student goal setting and certifying student achievement of their personally challenging educational goals.


  • No new program or service will be accepted unless
    -it is consistent with the strategic plan
    -its benefits clearly exceed costs
    -provisions are made for staff development and evaluation.
  • No existing program or service will be retained unless it continues to make a contribution to our mission and benefits continue to justify cost.
  • Site-based decisions will always be consistent with the strategic plan of the entire district.
  • We will practice fiscal responsibility by balancing the needs of our students with the community’s willingness to pay.
  • We will not accept ineffective performance.
  • We will use the nine identified virtues of Findlay City Schools-- self-discipline, responsibility, courage, compassion, perseverance, respect, appreciation of diversity, hope and integrity-- as we implement our strategic plan.



Our beliefs form the ethical foundation of the Findlay City Schools.

We believe…

  • every person has worth.
  • every individual can learn.
  • family is the most important influence on the development of personal values.
  • attitude is a choice and always affects performance.
  • motivation and effort are necessary to achieve full potential.
  • honesty and integrity are essential for building trust.
  • people are responsible for the choices they make.
  • performance is directly related to expectations.
  • educated citizens are essential for the survival of the democratic process.
  • personal fulfillment requires the nurturing of the mind, body and spirit.
  • every individual has a moral and ethical obligation to contribute to the well-being of society.
  • education is a responsibility shared by students, family, staff and community.
  • the entire community benefits by investing its time, resources and effort in educational excellence.
  • a consistent practice of shared morals and ethics is essential for our community to thrive.


The Committee:

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the following individuals for serving on the Strategic Planning Team.

  • Sam Agin
  • Michael Anders
  • Mary Anne Ashworth
  • Julie Bauer
  • Katie Benjamin
  • Elizabeth Betts
  • Lorhel Bomber
  • Julie Brown
  • Kim Cosiano
  • Kathy Crates
  • Dee Groman
  • Craig Kupferberg
  • Sue Langstaff
  • Barb Lockard
  • Bob Lotz
  • Anne Maynard
  • Dennis McPheron
  • Paul Miserlian
  • Tim Opp
  • Andy Peters
  • Steve Roepke
  • Stephanie Rupe
  • Jen Ruhe
  • Jim Smarkel
  • Robert C. Sprague
  • Mike Wallace
  • Sandy White
  • Don Williams
  • Kathy Wilson

Action Team Chairpersons:

  • Dave Rossman, Strategy 1
  • Sandy White, Strategy 1
  • Michael Barnhart, Strategy 2
  • Randy Lohoff, Strategy 2
  • Vicki Brunn, Strategy 3
  • Barbara Dysinger, Strategy 3
  • David Alvarado, Stategy 4
  • Linda Hamilton, Strategy 4



Adopted, November 21, 2005

July 21, 2014