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Walkers & Riders

Transportation will be furnished to all elementary pupils who live more than three-quarter (.75) of a mile from the school they are required to attend; for middle school pupils, the limit shall be in excess of one and one-half (1-1/2) miles; for high school pupils, the limit shall be in excess of two (2) miles. Measurements, for purposes of this policy, will be done by establishing the most direct route between student residences and schools as measured electronically by computer routing.

Transportation shall be furnished for shorter distance if, in the opinion of the Superintendent, the road is unreasonably hazardous relative to the age of the child concerned.

This policy does not apply for those students assigned transportation as part of their Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.).

Nothing in this policy is intended to limit the Board's authority in the future to eliminate furnishing transportation to students as may be permitted by law.

In the event of any dispute over the proper application of this policy, the Board's decision shall be final.

Walkers and Riders Procedures


  1. Students are assigned to bus routes by the transportation department.
  2. No student is permitted to change his/her bus or stop assignment unless he/she has written permission.
  3. Permission to ride another bus or change stops may be granted provided:
    a) no unscheduled stop will be required.
    b) there is space available on the bus.
    c) a discipline problem will not develop.
    d) the purpose of the change conforms to the State adopted rules and regulations.
    e) a request form is submitted and approved.
  4. Parents must fill out a form at the school requesting a change of bus assignment.
  5. Students who are eligible bus riders may ride a bus to and from a sitter based on seat availability. Regular eligible riders will be given first priority.
  6. Students must get on at the same stop every morning. Students must get off at the same stop every afternoon. The morning and afternoon stops may differ, but both must remain consistent every day. The parent is responsible for transporting to and from the scheduled stops.
  7. Students may cross district boundaries to and from a sitter as long as the arrangements meet all policy provisions as outlined in 1 - 6 above.


  1. Temporary bus permits will be issued to eligible bus riders only.
  2. Riders must remain on their assigned bus. They may utilize another established bus stop on their assigned bus provided written authorization has been secured from the parent and the principal and presented to the driver on a Temporary Bus Permit form when the student boards the bus.


This procedure is designed to phase in over the 1999/2000, 2000/2001 and 2001/2002 school years. A review committee will be established by the Business Manager for the purpose of annually reviewing this procedure by the thirtieth of January of each appropriate year. If the committee finds that this procedure and its companion policy are not acceptable, an alternate policy/procedure will be proposed.

Students will be transported from babysitters under the following conditions:

  1. Babysitters and parents must sign the appropriate affidavit located on the
    K-5 Request for Change of Bus Assignment form.
  2. Both sides of this form must be completed.
  3. The affidavit shall establish the true identity of the babysitter and his/her residence. The affidavit must be sworn and executed before a Notary and on file prior to bus assignment. For the first semester the deadline is June 30, the second semester is December 1.
  4. Shared parenting arrangements will be recognized per court orders.
  5. This service is provided for one school year only. Parents who wish to participate must complete the appropriate paperwork and meet established deadlines as are established above annually.

July 12, 2016